Monday, October 27, 2014

#16 Comida de Ecuador (Food of Ecuador)

alright so this week i got to try some more exciting foods. i ate sugar cane! ya like straight up this cane that you cut up and chew/suck out the juice. its way good! and doesnt really taste like sugar... kind of makes you wonder... but thats a new fun treat i like. one of our investigators asked us if we had ever tried it, and we were like nope, so she went into her kitchen and brought out this whole cane of it and just gave it to us. it was great.  Then, we also had a real coco bean from another member from Union Civica. its legit. so we decided to try that too. so we cut off little pieces and ate it....and ya it doesnt taste anything like chocolate. it tastes more like chalk. so basically coco doesnt taste like coco and sugar doesnt taste like sugar. my whole life has been a lie.  but then we made some coco pouder from the bean, and made our own hot chocolate with it. and now that was good!! 

also, talking about food. so remember how i was in a trio? so we alñmost covered 2 sectors? well ya so the other companion forgot to cancel his lunch appt, and here going to your lunch appt is a big feat. they get legitimately mad if you don't come or cancel right before. so we had to go. so we went to his and ate this huge lunch. then we had to go to mine. so we walk to mine, doing a few jumps a long the way to try and push the food down to make space.. well that didnt really work.. so we got to our lunch and had another huge lunch.. and we couldnt do it. but again its offensive not to eat. soo Elder Ureta was prepared and had his water bottle. so when she wasnt looking he started stuffing rice into his bottle!! and then i started stuffing my rice onto his plate. it was quite the ordeal. but it worked and we all survived. barely.

so as for my trio, he got his new companion so now we are back in two. we contacted a new investigator named Raquel this week. she is super awesome! she is super interested and asks tons of questions and its great. I'm excited to see where things go with her and her family! We were able to get Jimmy Crocker to church this sunday, which was way awesome. he said he really enjoyed it and it felt good to be back in church and thanked us for helping him. it was awesome too.

well thats all i have time for this week. i love you all and hope all is well!

Elder Taylor

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