Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015 New Comp from Idaho

well this week went well. i got my new companion! his name is elder Luke. he is from idaho! so he is my very first gringo comp in my entire mission. so thats interesting. its a lot different being with a gringo. but its cool too. its crazyt ho becuawe he ends his mision in 6 weeks! so well just be together this one transfer and then hes gone! crazy. well this week wa the babtism of Patzy and Aisha!! they are so awesome!! they both were babtized and comfirmed members this week and it was such a special service. it has been amazing to see their progress and see how the Lord had prepared them truly for this moment to learn and accept the gospel. the Lords time is perfect. i feel like thats an important lesson to remember for the whoole life! well im like out of time now, but i hope you all are doing great and i love you all so much!!
Elder Taylor

Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015 "Would You Have Looked?"

well once again i have about no time to write. today has been crazy! well lets start with lst night. last night the assistants got here to portoviejo and stayed with us. and then one of them calls us into a room and sits us down and says we need to talk seriuosly. and we were (my comp and i) like ah oh what did we do?? and then he looks at my comp and says youre my new companion! so my old comp elder ogando is the new assistant!! and then he looks at me and says and now you are in charge of Portovejo! so wow. two changes in one. but it is esciting. but my comp was kindof freaking out. and then so today we had a conference with president and sister dennis, which was amazing!! i just love capacitations (idk if thats actually a word in english??) and when pres talks to us and teaches us. its always so inspired and i learn so much. one part i really like, was when sister dennis started talking about moises and the children of isreal and the story with the serpents and how all the had to do to be saved ws look at the staff. and she asked ¨how many of you would have looked?¨and well obviously we all raise our hands that we would have looked. and then she aplied it to the sabath day and how profets have talked about the importance of the sabth day, and all we have to do is follow the profets and keep it holy and we´ll be blessed. well when she said it it flowed alot more smoothly and it was really good. but i think its a great question we should ask our selves ¨would i have looked?¨ ïm i looking now at the signs the profets are telling us?¨ well that among many other things was something that i really liked.
also this next week we have the babtism of Patzy and her daughter Aisha! they are so awesome!! but next week i will talk more about them. well thankyou you all for writing and i love you all and hope everyone is doing great!
Élder Taylor