Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015 New Comp from Idaho

well this week went well. i got my new companion! his name is elder Luke. he is from idaho! so he is my very first gringo comp in my entire mission. so thats interesting. its a lot different being with a gringo. but its cool too. its crazyt ho becuawe he ends his mision in 6 weeks! so well just be together this one transfer and then hes gone! crazy. well this week wa the babtism of Patzy and Aisha!! they are so awesome!! they both were babtized and comfirmed members this week and it was such a special service. it has been amazing to see their progress and see how the Lord had prepared them truly for this moment to learn and accept the gospel. the Lords time is perfect. i feel like thats an important lesson to remember for the whoole life! well im like out of time now, but i hope you all are doing great and i love you all so much!!
Elder Taylor

Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015 "Would You Have Looked?"

well once again i have about no time to write. today has been crazy! well lets start with lst night. last night the assistants got here to portoviejo and stayed with us. and then one of them calls us into a room and sits us down and says we need to talk seriuosly. and we were (my comp and i) like ah oh what did we do?? and then he looks at my comp and says youre my new companion! so my old comp elder ogando is the new assistant!! and then he looks at me and says and now you are in charge of Portovejo! so wow. two changes in one. but it is esciting. but my comp was kindof freaking out. and then so today we had a conference with president and sister dennis, which was amazing!! i just love capacitations (idk if thats actually a word in english??) and when pres talks to us and teaches us. its always so inspired and i learn so much. one part i really like, was when sister dennis started talking about moises and the children of isreal and the story with the serpents and how all the had to do to be saved ws look at the staff. and she asked ¨how many of you would have looked?¨and well obviously we all raise our hands that we would have looked. and then she aplied it to the sabath day and how profets have talked about the importance of the sabth day, and all we have to do is follow the profets and keep it holy and we´ll be blessed. well when she said it it flowed alot more smoothly and it was really good. but i think its a great question we should ask our selves ¨would i have looked?¨ ïm i looking now at the signs the profets are telling us?¨ well that among many other things was something that i really liked.
also this next week we have the babtism of Patzy and her daughter Aisha! they are so awesome!! but next week i will talk more about them. well thankyou you all for writing and i love you all and hope everyone is doing great!
Élder Taylor

Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28, 2015

well this week went well. we spent a few days in guayaquil. we got to go to the temple and then also had a meeting about family history. it was really good! family history is definetly something really important that can help a lit of people! and of course getting to go to the temple is always the best. i always learn so much new everytime a get to go to the temple! and alright so one frase i wanted to share with you guys that said president, that he was refering to the mission but i feel like its aplicable to all situacions is this ¨dont count the days, make the days count!¨ so i really liked thatand thought it was powerful and makes you reflect. so make everyday count!
also this week Gabriel was babtized! hes such a good kid. got babtized on his birthday! so he was pretty excited about that. also we got a new investigator and she already has a bautsiaml date for the 24 of octuber! she was a reference from a member. i know that really refernces are the best wayto advance this work! so if you have friends that are interested, present them to the misionaries!! well i lov you all so much! hope you all have a great week!
Elder Taylor

Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015

well, this week went quite well. this saturday we had the babtisms of Kelvin Murillo, and sunday he was confirmed! it was great because his older brother, whos a member and whos preparing for the mision, was able to babtize his brother. it was a really great experience. Kelvin is such a good kid who has changed a ton. both his brother and mom are members, but he didnt want to get babtized for the longest time. then one day he started coming to church, and then he talls us he does want to get babtized now! so that was great to be able to help him. Gabriel, who has a date to get babtized this coming sunday, is also doing really well and super excited for his special day!

also, Patzy and her daughter Eisha, two of our investigators tha are scheduled for babtism the 10th of octuber, are doing super well! they live about an hour away, so its harder to teach them, and also harder for them to attend, but they are faithfully attending and preparing for their babtisms! its so great! its really amazing how the Lord prepares his children to accept his gospel when the time is right! i know this church is true and that God loves each and every one of us more then we can even imagine! i love all of you and hope you all have a great week!
Elder Taylor

Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17, 2015

well, this week was crazy busy. the assistants and president were in town. wednesday we had a zone conference with 2 other zones here in portoviejo in our chappel. but monday night the assistents got here and stayed with us in our house. our assistents are awesome. not gonna lie, before i was a little scared of them, but now that ive hung out with them more i see they are just misionaries too. and it was super fun being with them for a few days. and most of all i got to learn A TON from them, and also from the multi-zone conference with president. very inspired. one quote that they showed usin the conference that i really like was this: ¨free agency is only a blessing if we choice to live by the gospel of Jesus Christ¨-Elder Holland. well thats not verbatim, but its the same meaning basically. that we have our agency, but if we dont use it wisely, then we are going to get the unwanted consequences. but as we chose to live by the gospel, we get blessing and good consequences. it was very interesting, and somethin i had not thought of before in that way. besides that there wa so much other great wisdom they taught us, but thats all ill share for now. this week did go really well, just super busy helping with president and the assistents. one of the great things though, is even though being a leader we really have less time to work, but the Lord blesses us so much, and just gifts us people that want to progress. like this week we only worked in our sector 2 days, but then sunday a sister comes up to us and tells us shes not a member, but has been investigating the church for a very long time, and wants us to help her prepare for babtism... so we were like okay great we can definetly help you with that!! its amazing how the Lord is preparing people for us to help! well i love you all so much and hope you have a great week!!!
Elder Taylor

Monday, August 10, 2015

August 10, 2015

well this week the email is going to be super short, becuase i dont have very much time, and also honestly i dont even remember what happened this week...

Jordy Silva, our recent convert is doing great!! i love that kid. this week he went on visits with us again, and is super good at sharing his tetimony and talking with the people. he´s also attending mision prep and is super excited for the mission! its so rewarding to see the progress he has made!

also, i dont know what me and my comp do, but the poeple love us here. actually i dont think we do anything, the poeple are just super loving here in generall. but this week we got invited to birthday parties and to barbecues and all sorts of stuff. its great! obviously we cant go to most of the stuff because they just love playing music here, but its nice to get the invite and see how the poeple care. 

well, like i said this is going to be short. this week has gone pretty solid. im learning so much evryday, i cant even try to explain it all here. but i love you all and hope you are all doing great and have a great week!!
Elder Taylor

Monday, August 3, 2015

August 4, 2015

well, this week has gone super good! first off, saturday we had the bautism and sunday the comfirmation of Jordan Silva!!! he is so awesome!! before this week he left with us to do visits; before he was even a member!! he´s super excited also to go on a mision!! and it was so great that his cousin got to babtism him, which was his cousins first babtism! super happy. and he invited a family that came to his babtism and also to church sunday, so he´s already helping a ton in the mission work, and just barely is a member!! he´s so aesome. really a great friend. hes part of the whole family that got babtized the week before. so in total 5 people from that famioly got babtized. suepr great. i dont even have the words. 

and yesterday, we were in guayaquil all day, for the leadership council. that was super good too!! its always an enriching experience when we get to listen to presidnt and the ap´s and meet up with all the other zone leaders. i always learn so much. and this time was no exepcion. i have a ton of new stuff i got to do and put in practice, but im excited for it!!

well i love you all so much. hope you all have a great week!!
Elder Taylor