Monday, November 3, 2014

#17 Getting lost

Alright so first i guess ill talk about halloween. so they dont really celebrate it here. but they do know about it. and there were a few random kids dressed up. but its not the same. but so halloween i was actually not in my sector, i was in Monte Sinai on interchanges. and this sector is so different then mine. its about 30 minutes away by bus, and its all dirt and bamboo houses and its awesome. its a super fun sector. and its huge!!! 

So i was companions with another gringo that has the same time here in Ecuador as me, but one less transfer in his mission. so two basically new gringo walking through the dusty roads of Ecuador. we did work. well, that is until it got dark... and then we got lost. so we were looking for the house and my comp couldnt remember where it was, so we were walking around for a while, in the dark, because they arent very many street lights. so we´re walking and then he says Hey i think we need to be on that other side of the river.. soo we start walking along this river bank infested with frogs and tall grass, looking for a place to cross. and finally we find this little ´´bridge´´ of small tree branches laid accross the water. we both stopped and looked at eachother. my comp asked ´´you down?´´ and i looked back at the bridge ´´...vamos!´´ so luckily i had a little flashlight with me, so we precariously make our way across this super sketchy bridge. and we both made it without falling in, so id say it was a success! and after that we talked with a member and got really good ecuatorian chocolate so it was a prettyu solid day!

we are teaching some really awesome people. we are still teaching Raquel and now her niece too and they are super interested. mariana is still super interested, and just wants her son Fabrizio to accept the gospel too and then they both will be baptized. we found a part member family we are working with and they are progressing really well! i love the people here in alegria. they are so nice. well im literally out of time. i hope you all had a good halloween! love you all

Elder Taylor

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