Monday, October 13, 2014

#14 Gift of Tongues

New Companion

Alright, so this last week was quite the whirlwind. My trainer left monday morning, i got a new temporary comp until wednesday, and then on wednesday i got a kid! jaja or in other words i got a trainee. His name is Elder Ureta. hes from Chile. which is ironic since my trainer is from Chile. so i went from one Chilean to another. so me and Elder Ureta got back to Alegria around noon, had lunch at 1:00 and then emedietley got to work! and wow, i really should have paid more attention to where we were going when i was with Elder Rios!! i remember how all the houses look, but for some reason i cant remember which street theyre on! haha so we´ve spent quite a few times walking up and down streets waiting to pass a house i recognize and then know wehre we are at! jaja luckily Alegria isnt that big. 

Also, wow has my testimony of the gift of tongues grown. tuesday night i went to sleep still feeling like i couldnt understand all that much spanish. Wednesday i woke up and was almost fluent. Prayers really do get answered. And the Lord really does qualify you for what he needs you to do. and i really needed to be able to talk and understand Spanish in order to train. i still dont consider my self fluent. but i can now go up and start talking to just about anyone and now what they are saying and respond. its pretty awesome! i love spanish.

so this week, the weirdest thing happened.... i contacted someone in English! Elder Ureta and i were walking down this street, when all of a sudden to my right i see this white blonde guy talking english to his two white sons. i litterally just stopped. i was so confused for a second. then i went up to him, but didnt know what to say! so what ended up coming out of my mouth was ``youre talking English´´ yes very smooth. but it worked. he kind of laughed and said yes. so we talked a little and ends up hes from Kentucky, and his wife is from Ecuador, so he was visiting her family here. it was cool talking to him in English, but i was surprised at how hard it was! it was stuttering a few times hard core. i had to like translate a few things back from spanish into english. it was interesting. but he is very staunch Catholic and doesnt want to change. he did want me to change though. haha but i still left a pamphlet with him, so hopefully that can plant a seed that will be harvested in the future.

We also are back to 4 elders in my house! one is from Mexico, Elder Pat. the other is from St. George Utah, Elder Adams. the spanish people here have the hardest time saying his name. he´s also a brand new missionary, so Elder Pat is his trainer. its fun having 4 people in the house, and being able to talk english with him and help translate every once in a while.

well this week has been crazy busy and overwhelming at times but its been great! im gratful for this oportunity the Lord has given me to grow and become a better missionary. yo se´que la iglesia de Jesucristo de los Santos de los Ultimos Dias es la iglesia verdadera en la tiera. Que la plenitud del evangelio, cual tenemos, es la fuente de mucho gozo y paz y tranquilidad en esta vida. yo testifico a cerca de este cada dia.

i love you all and hope all is going well,
Elder Taylor

Old District

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