Monday, October 6, 2014

#13 4,3,2,1 SHOCK

wow these week has been absolutely crazy! well, mainly the end of this week. but first, this week we met a guy that trains chickens for fights. so thats pretty legit. we contacted him while he was outside his house with his chickens, and i played the ´´im an american who doesnt speak spanish'' card, and first asked him how do you say that (pointing to chicken) in spanish. him: gallo.  Oh cool, do you eat them or...?  No i train them to fight. so we talked to him for a while about chickens. he's not interested at all in the gospel, but we still left a book of mormon with him and made a new friend.

conference was absolutely amazing!!!! being able to hear the words of our modern day prophets and apostles is such a tremendous blessing! The truly are called of God and inspired on how to help and guide us. This was also the very first time ive listened to a Conference in Spanish. it was a little different. But it was super cool when they spoke in Spanish as their native tongue and they didnt have to translate it.

after conference on sunday night, we had a lesson with Mariana. she attended  2 sessions of General Conference! we talked to her a lot, about our prophet and how she felt and her reading of the book of mormon and her praying and everything. then, we commited her to baptism!! she was still a little hesitant, even though she believes the church is true because of how shes felt, but she wants to have a solid knowledge and understanding of everything before she commits. but she did agree that if she feels ready she will be baptized on the 25 of October!! so that is way awesome!! she definetly is ready. We just need to keep helping her realize how much she knows.

now for my title. so if you remember like two weeks ago we had four people living in our house.  4.  then he left, so i was in a trio.  3.  then this week elder Chas left and is working in the office now.  2. and this morning, Elder Rios was transfered. so i am the only one left out of us four.  1.   and now, for the last part.  I have been called to be a trainer. in two days i will be receiving my new companion, who is a brand new missionary from the mtc, and i will be training him in Alegria. SHOCK!!!   if youre shocked, then ya that makes all of us. i was litterally IN shock when i found out yesterday. I dont know if i have ever been so scared and nervous and felt so inadequate and unprepared for such a calling before in my life. I guess all i can ask is that you all keep me and my new companion in your prayers, because with the Lord is the only way i am going to be able to do this.

I know this church is true and i know that through it we can achieve true happiness. I know that the Lord doesn't require more of us than we can handle, and that through him all things are possible. I love you all and hope all is well.

Elder Taylor

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