Monday, October 20, 2014

#15 Dogs & Iguanas

I'm an iguana whisperer...

I got attacked by a dog this week. but dont worry; all those soccer practices paid off. So what happened is we were walking down this road early sunday morning going by some people to bring them to church. and we see this dog. A big dog. A really big dog. Actually now that i think about it im pretty sure it was a lion.. they have those in Ecuador right? But anyway, so we are walking up to this lion-dog, and of course I'm on the end closest to the beast. so we keep walking hoping this is going to be one of those ''and the lion lays next to the lamb'' type situations, and nothing will happen. But not quite. As we get close it just stares at us with demon eyes, bares its teeth, and as we pass it it growls and jumps out at me! Luckily to my quick foot skills I jump out of its path, take a few steps back, and quickly reach down as if to grab a rock from the ground. As I reach down the dog realizes I'm kind of a big deal (well I'm pretty sure that went through his head) and runs off. But it got my heart pounding pretty good. But also helped wake me up more which was nice.

This week we have really been focusing on Hna Mariana. She is getting so close to baptism! She is so awesome and so sweet and really loves to talk which makes our lessons a little longer; but its all good because she's awesome. We are still working on her son though.. he's a little tougher. 18 year olds, I tell you, they're the worst.... hahah We also contacted into a less active that hasnt been going to church for like 30 years. It was crazy we even found him. But we did, and his mom had just passed away 6 months ago, and he was really struggling, and thinking about church. It's amazing how the Lord uses us and puts us in the path of the people we need to talk with. We are also working with Jimmy Crocker. He's another less active that really wants to start going back to church. He also loves soccer, and has a brother that is living in Venezuela right now, so we get along well.

Well ya this week has been great. Oh also im in a trio again. Another missionary went home after just one week here for some problems he was having. I dont know all the details; I think health problems though? Which is super sad. But ya so now I'm in a trio with his companion. So that is fun. We have no idea how long we are going to be in trio though. 

Well thankyou for everyone for writing me! I love to hear from you guys! I hope all is well with everyone!

Elder Taylor

PS also, I'm an iguana whisperer 

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