Monday, March 30, 2015

#32 Parade

well, this week me and my companion found ourself in the middle of a parade! we were just walking going to one of our appiontments, at around 7 at night, and all of a sudden we notice there are a ton of people in the street. they had flags they were waving around and there were some people dancing and there was music and all sorts of stuff. it was crazy! we were so confused tho, so we asked what was going on, and apperently here in Libertad every year they have this party/parade where they dance thruogh the streets and even have some floats and stuff. so that was pretty cool to see.

this week we have had some new investigators and some really good lessons. we had one with a man named Cristian. he is super awesome, and said he prayed about joseph smith, and believes he is a profet! he said he felt super good when he prayed ad asked! the only problem is with his work he hasnt been able to attend church yet. so we are working to ry and find a way to keep him to attend; hopefully he can attend General Conference!

also, this week, i had a super cool experience. as we were heading to one of our lessons, we were passing by a house, and i saw a lady sitting in her doorway. a said hi to her as we passed, and she waved back, and i had the thought to talk with her. but we were in a hurry so we kept going to the leson we had scheduled. but after the lesson we passed by her house again, and she was still there, and this time yes we did stop and talk with her. and shes awesome! she aid usually she doesnt talk to people when they come and stop by like we did, but said for some reason she did with us. and she let us in and we were able to teach her the restoration, and it was a really good lesson! she is super awesome, and im excited to see how things progress with her!

well, i love you all, and hope you have a great week!
√Člder Taylor

Monday, March 23, 2015

#31 Guayas

well, this week felt super short. and even crazier is that today starts a new transfer. time flies so fast! but this week was aesome becasue we were able to go to guayaquil! tuesday afternoon we left on the bus (its a 2 hour trip) and got there that night. slept there at the temple, the same place i stayed when i very first got here to ecuador. and the best part though, hot showers!! first hot shower in like 7 months. that was nice. ha but then wednesday morning super early, we got to go to the temple and do a session! so that was actually even better then the hot shower. haha it is always so awesome to be able to attend the temple with all the other missionaries and with president. then after the temple, we had a confrence with president, that was amazing, like always. president is so wise its ridiculous. i seriously just wish i could download all his knowledge. that would be so useful. or pull like a Spock and see everything. but even not being able to upload intelegince, i learned so much from him. then after the conference it was pouring, so we got wet waiting for a taxi. and my shoes i was wearing have holes in them, and i stepped in a puddle and the water went right through and soaked my socks! haha so that was fun, but it was all good i the end, as we took the bus back to Libertad. the rest of the week went well, we{ve been able to find some new investigators, and were able to have a few of them at church! but they couldnt stay the full 3 hours which was a bummer. but me and my companion are excited to start this new transfer and are sure that this transfer is going to be even more succesful then the last! well i love you all and hope you all are going well!

Elder Taylor