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 First off, i love Ecuador. this place is crazy and dirty and completely different. but i love it. i dont have a ton of time, so i will just try and focus on some of the more important things.

  i got here monday night about 8 ish with 4 other elders from the provo MTC. we all made it through customs fine and met up with our mission president and his wife and the ap´s and 2 other assistants. our president is awesome. he is so funny. from mexico. his wife is from utah. we packed all our stuff in a truck then got in a van to drive to the temple were we would be staying. the streets are ridiculous here!! there are no lanes. and a TON of honking. they honk for everything. its actually kind of effectively once you get to know it. but litterally everythine i step into a car i feel like my life is on the line. its crazy. we did make i to the temple safely though and got our things into te building we were sleepng at and got to sleep late.

  tuesday morning had yogurt and bread for breakfast. you can buy yogurt here in big cartons. like bigger then milk cartoons. its really good. then went ack to the airport to pick up 15 more missionaries that were geting here. from mexico and columbia. then we had lunch and a breifing at pressidents house. then got to go to the Guayaquil temple! its beautiful! i was so glad we got to go to it. because it is in the north mission so we only go 2 times a year.

  wednesday morning was my last hot water shower.. and i met my new companion! his name is Elder Rios. he´s from Chile. and he speaks no english! jaja but he´s chevre. btw chevre means cool. people say that a lot here. ive gotten really good at using sign language and acting to help get my piont accross when we are talking. its fun.and i teach him some english. people love english here. they love it. but so he´ll sometimes say ¨whats up man!¨ but with a chilean accent. or ¨put your hands up!¨ or just differernt prases in english. its hilarious.

  Im defiently in latin america. walking down the street you can almost always hear music playing. and one day they were doing Bailo Tirapia, which is kind of like zumba, at the park. a whole bunch of people. apprently they do that like 3 times a week. also there are Cancha´s (little soccer courts) everywhere! its awesome. youll see kids playing there everyday. they call soccer Pelota here. so instead of vamos a jugar futbol, they´ll say vamos a jugar pelota. es chevre.

  the food. they eat soo muchh rice here! bastante arroz!! everymeal is a big plate of rice with either meat or fish or something. its super good. but that rice man... it just feels you up and stays there! they also eat a lot of bannanas here. they have a ton! they call them guineo. and also a lot of plantains. or verde and maduro. verde is when is young and green. and maduro is when its more mature. they make masa out of the maduro. and kind if make dumpling soup i guess is how i would describe it. but its way good. oh and the juice!!! ricisimo! delicious! they love juice here. so far my favorite is guanabana juice and maracuya juice. they are soo good. one prroblem here though is because they eat so much rice, and the feed you a ton, you can get fat. i dont want to get fat. i like dont even eat dinner most the time. because we lunch at 1 with a member, and then that rice just stays there. im not even hungry at night.

  also i found out the speak castellano here. well spanish, but castellano is a certain accent of spanish. so im learning castellano! sometimes its harder to understand though. they drop the ´s´at the end of words a lot. but its cool. i cant wait till im actually fluent! there are times here were i like understand almost everything and its awesome. but then other times where i am just comlpletely lost.

   crossing the street here is an adventure in itself. they dont have crosswalks. well ive seen one, in front of this huge mall. besides that, people just cross wherever whenever. its crazy. even on the busier roads. my sector is called Alegria. its actually really small. one of the smallest sectors in the whole mission! its in guayaquil. its one of the nicer areas. well its not nice, but its definetly not the super ghetto super poor area. the streets are actually paved.  but the only prolem with that is taht the people here are a little.. harder. they arent as open to here about the gospel. ive gotten yelled out twice. well really yelled out just once. the other time was just a telling off. but those times arent verry fun. but luckily sometimes always happens after to bring your spirits back up! another thing they say here is ´´aver´´. you yell that when your outside their house to let them know youre there and then they come out and you talk.

  we had 6 baptisms this saturday!! one family of 5 and then 1 other person. i got to babtize one of the dautghers of the family. Jamileth Dayris Rodriguez Parrales. it was so cool! i was so nervous i was going to mess up her name or the prayer. but nope everything went smooth! it was such a great experience!

  in front of the church theres a cancha. thats were we get to play pelota on mondays. i havent gotten to play yet, but im super excited for the opportunity to play! its going to be so fun! The people are usually super nice here. they will almost always listen to you, even if theyre not interested at all. which is nice. but at the same time can give you a feeling of false hope when they say yes you can come back to teach the next day, but then the next day say theyre too busy to talk. but its still good to have that inicial contact.

  well, i also learned how to break into houses... haha well atleast my house. elder rios and i left one day and forgot the key! so we had to break into our house. it was actually not that hard. all the doors here are metal. its way different. but its way cool. the temperature is HOTTT. and apperently this is the cold season. the only thing here thats cold is the showers! the showers are freazing! everytime i take a shower i have to like psych my self up just to actually get in the water. atleast i take really quick showers here!

  well im out of time. i love you all and hope everything is going well with everyone. hope things will go well for those of ou starting school. the church is true. God loves us all.

Elder Taylor

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