Tuesday, August 19, 2014


AUGUST 19, 2014

 wow, what a crazy week this has been! i dont even know where to start. we met with Domingo Avila again. he is doing great! its been over a week since he's taken drugs or alcohol! super happy for him. he is such a great man, and he even said he is getting one of his friends to go to the addiction recovery class with him, and is going to try and bring him to our next lesson, so we can teach him! his friend isnt a member. we'll see him again wednesday, so super excited for that!

   last monday, the 11th, which was our p-day, me and preciado got to go out with one of our less actives, in his truck on some of the dirt roads around here. it was intense! at one point, we were going up this super steep hill, with a cliff on our side, and not great traction since its super rocky dirt. it was super sketchy! especially since i absolutely HATE heights! i almost had a panick attack. but luckily we survived.

   Thursday, we had Zone Conference. it was awesome! best zone conference ever! okay true, first zone conf ever.. but it was pretty great! i learned so much and felt so uplifted and motivated to just be better! one thing just cool i learned, is that, Barabbas, the theif that Pilote let go instead of the Savior. well so Barabbas was not only a thief, but also like a freedom fighter. so he fought against the government. so anyways, after he was released, he went and gather together a small army, and came back AGAIN against the government, and actually killed Pilote. how crazy is that? i think thats pretty interesting. and all verifiable in history. oh, also, apperently there has been a big bed bug problem in the mission. so they talked about that and how to detect and to beware of the bed bug.

   Friday was packed. in the morning we helped the sisters move. but thursday night, preciado found a little bug or something in his bed, and so after that whole breifing on bed bugs we had, he was convinced we had bed bugs. so friday morning before helping the sisters we actually took all our stuff out of the appartment into the hot vegas sun to hopefully kill and bugs that might be residing there. so then we helped the sisters. then one of the couple missionaries were here, so we had them come over and tell us if in fact we did have bed bugs. so they came over and.... we are bug free! what a relief. so anyways, now all our stuff was just chilling outside for no good reason. so we decided to make a good reason. so we took this opportunity to do a good cleaning on our whole appt. and wow, ive never been so excited to clean before in my life! we vacuumed everything and rearranged out furniture and it was just awesome. then we pul all our sun treated stuff back in our clean house. and it looks good. so then later that day, we went over to the Navarros. and i cant remember if i said this already, but abuelita, hermana navarros mother, was terminally ill with cancer. and we knew she didnt have long to live. but ofcourse no one knows exactly. but it was apparent it would be very soon. so as we pull up to her house, we see some cars their, and something just feels a little different. so when we go in, we dont see abuelita laying on her bed, like she usualy is. in fact, the bed isnt even there anymore. so we ask sister navarro about it. donde esta abuelita? and she responds that she died. but she said it in such a happy way! it was almost a little weird. but she explained how in abuelitas last moments here on earth, she saw the spirit world, and how there was no sickness there and everyone was young and happy. and how bad she wanted to be there. and so it really was almost a happy moment when she did cross the veil fully. also, that evening while we were visiting, president called. he asked for me. and he told me that me Visa was here!! so i will be leaving to Ecuador this coming monday! i was super happy and excited to hear that news! but also a strange tinge of sadness was present also. i sadness to be leaving all the wonderfull people i have met here. but im excited for all the new wonderfull people ill meet in ecuador!

   Sunday i had to give a talk. it was just a short 5 minute one. but it went really well i think.

   Monday, was abuelitas funneral. it was a wonderful service.  it was super cool, because there were tons of spanish there. and so the whole service, all the talks and prayers and everything, were actually done in spanish... and english! it was crazy. everyone who talked was bilingual, so the would say it in spanish, then right then translate to english, then back to spanish, and so forth, so everyone could understand. so i got to hear every ones talk like twice! it was pretty cool.

   Im gratefull for this opportunity ive had to serve here in Nevada and for all the wonderfull people ive met here aswell. its been a blessing in my life.
i love you all
Elder Taylor

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