Monday, September 8, 2014


Ecuador Temple


alright so this week has been awesome. here are the highlights: 

we met a detective! a legit ecuadorian detective. he´s awesome. and swoll. his two sons are members, but him and his wife are not. and they have one more son who just turned 8 that wants to get babtized! so we have his babtism schedualled for this month! also, the sister of the mom, or the aunt to the kids that are members, is named Michele. she said she was intersting in the church so we taught her this last week too! we taught her and she accepted everything really well and we committed her to come to church this sunday... and she did!! that was her first time coming to church! we havent extended a babtism date yet, but we are going to try and shoot for the last saturday of this month. hopefully everything continues to progress something! she is awesome. and super nice. we are also working with the detective and his wife, but they are a little harder. but we´ll get there!

we also met a woman named Mercedez this week. she is older, and super nice and sweet, but doesnt really understand or comprehend what we are teaching her very well.. she lets us in to teach her (and by in i mean sitting outside her house but within a fence) and she said she´d come to church with us. but then on sunday she said she couldnt. so that was sad. we´ll keep trying to teach her and hopefully get her to understand that we are really just trying to help her.

we have another investigator named Javier Rios. he got sopme of the lessons already from some of the other elders, but he actually lives in alegria. so we are going to finish the lessons, but he also wants to get babtized! not his family though, which is too bad. but maybe he can be the influence needed to convert his family too!

so we were fasting this week to find a family that was ready to hear the gospel. we got nothing all week, untill sunday night. we were walking somewhere, i dont even remember where, and as we passed this small group of people walking, they called us over. there were 4 woman, 3 older, and one younger. like 9 i think. but the young girl named grace lives in alegria. the other woman were her aunts and friends of aunts, and they dont live here. they older women are all members. but grace isnt. she lives with her grandma who also isnt a member. but the 3 members told us to come with them and we visited with grace and her grandma, Digna. so now we have 2 new investigators, a family, which is just what we needed!! abd its crazy that we ere walking down that street just as they were, and they had only just gotten to alegria about 5 minutes before! it was awesome! 

well thats all i have time for today. love you all and hope all is well!

love Elder Taylor

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