Monday, September 22, 2014


SEPTEMBER 22, 2014

okay i really have like no time so this will be short. seriously i like never have time. but anyways heres what happened this week:

we met a woman who doesnt believe in the Devil or in sin. i dont understand how that even makes a little sense. she believes in God. but doesnt think theres a Satan, and doesnt think theres sin! so i guess murder or stealing is cool then? idk i dont get it. we tried to talk to her and explain that yes statan is very real and so is sin. but she wouldnt hear it. so we just said have a good day and went and talked to new people. i just hope that maybe one day she will understand the truth. sometimes i just wish people would just listen to us with their hearts, because i know it will make them happier, and make their lives better.

oh so Ecuador style, we got two new elders in our appt this week, and we had to help them move, and their stuff was in Monte Sinai, which is about an half hour away. So to get us back to Alegria with there stuff, we took a truck. but the truck only sat 3 people. and there were 4 missionaries. and the driver. so me and Elder Rojas (new roomie) were sitting in the bed of the truck the whole trip back to alegria! on ecuadorian busy roads. Sketch! but it was fun! and a lot cooler with the breeze. but i was glad when we made it to our house safely! haha

we had Zone Conference this week. it was amazing!! the preidents and his wife spoke and they are so smart and inspired and it was just amazing. i wish i could just upload the whole meeting to you guys so you could understand what im talking about! 

we had more lessons with mariana this week. she is progressing really well! she has real intent to know which is the true church, but she is Evangelica and has a little trouble with praying and asking specific questions. but we are working on it!

this week has been great, but thats all i have time for today. thankyou for all of the emails! they really help and make y day! i seriously love you all and hope you all are doing great!

love elder taylor

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