Monday, September 15, 2014


SEPTEMBER 15, 2014

wow, okay so i go so much in a hurry last week i forgot to explain my title! ´´yo veo venezolano´´ or i look venezuelan. so first off, here i am like considered a straight up gringo. from the US and doesnt speak spanish. even if im tan. im gringo. and before i never really considered myself a full on ´´gringo´´. so that was kinda of a rude shock to me when i got here. but anyway, so in one of our lessons, one of the ladies there asked my where i was from. so i told her US. then she was like and your parents? and i was like US also. But then i added that my grandma is from Venezuela. and she was like ´´oohh okay yes you have the face of a venezuelan. and you talk really good spanish.´´  at that piont is when i wanted to have my own littl bubble, like in Get Smart (if you remember that part) and yell and do a happy dance. but of course i didnt. i just said gracias. but seriously what great compliments! they made me so happy. and reaffirmed my inner thinkings that im really not gringo. of course the very next day someone else called me gringo on a bus... but no importa. haha

also, fun fact real quick, Elder Rios, my companion, was apperently in a rap group in his town in chile. he even performed at a festival they have there. so thats pretty cool. and so we freestyle back and forth. the only problem is he goes in spanish and me in english, so neither of us really knows exactly what the otehr one is saying.. but its still fun. Another thing, there are some HUGE ants here. like as long as a cap of chapstick. they are ginormious. Oh and i saw some iguana this week! they were just chillin up in this tree at a park. they were pretty big. apperently they eat iguana some parts in ecu. not here in alegria. but i want to try it sometime. E Rios says its good. but i have my doubts.

before i forget again, ´´bacansisimo´´ is another word here they say thats like chevere. so cool. or awesome. por ejemplo if you wanted to say i had cool shoes, you could say they are bacansisimo!

this week while we were actually looking for a referal we go, but the houses arent really labbled so its super hard to find, but we knocked on this one hous, and a woman answered from outside and said ´´Estoy muriendo!´´ which means im dying! so me and E Rios were like uhhh thats awkward.. so can we still talk with you?¿ so she let us in and we talked with her. luckily she wasnt actually dying! but she was sick. so we talked a little with her, and scheduled to come back again and teach. her name is mariana. later that week we came back and taught a really good lesson about the restoration and book of mormon! it was awesome. and then on sunday, her and her son, fabrisio attended church with us! so all around just super awesome! and shes not dead or dying so thats a plus too.

also, side note, dont judge my spelling too hard. i dont know if its even off, maybe im spelling everything perfect. but i doubt it. but this computer only knows spanish so it out corrects only to spanish and deems every english word incorrect. so for me this whoole email is underlined in red squiqly lines. and plus i think my spelling is just getting worse in general.

well, i love you all. the church is true. joseph smith really was a prophet and restored the true church; the church that Christ established when he came to the earth. i hope allis well with you guys.

love Elder Taylor

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