Monday, January 26, 2015

#27 Golden Investigator

  this week has been awesome! so first off, this coming saturday will be the babtism of Hna Blanca! im so excited for her babtism! she is so excited to be babtized and be a member in the church! its amazing hearing how much she has changed, and i love seeing how she acts as if she has been a member her whole life already--but really has only attended like 3 times! she is great! and its awesome that she has family that are members and they are so supportive and help her out so much!
  also, our golden investigator, Olivia attended church this week! she stayed the full 3 hours and said she really enjoyed it! she is so receptive to everything we teach and she learns, and its just amazing! she really is a testimony to me that the Lord has people prepared for us; people who are ready and just waiting for a guide to lead them to the door of happiness and everlasting life. im so humbled and grateful i have that oportunity to be this guide in her life. 
  also, crazy story, this sunday at church, me and my companion where stading there after sacrament meeting saying hi to people and helping them get to the next class,when a sister came up to us, and presented us to another sister, who apperently is married to a member, but she is not babtized, and came to church, and she really wants to get babtized! both me and my comp where almost in shock! to have an investigator basically come up and ask to get babtized.. doesnt happen everyday. haha but we talked with her and will be meeting with her today to talk more. but how awesome is that! and then after church, the sister that is a member of our ward who presesnted us to this investigator who wants to get babtized, told us how sh has been praying for someone that she can meet and present to us the missionaries that we can teach--and well she found someone! its so cool the way the Lord answers prayers!
  well this week we will be staying super busy prepping for the babtism and working on helping the other investigators we have accept babtismal dates. im so happy i get to be here and for how much ive learned and how much im learning everyday! i hope all of you are doing well! love you all!
Elder Taylor

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