Monday, January 19, 2015

#26 Classic Ecuador

this week went by way fast... again. this week we had the babtism of Jose Pillasagua! that went reallywell. the bishop babtized him and it was awesome.

also, we found a new invetigator that is so ready!! we went up and contacted her house, and she emmeiately let us in before we even said anything, told us to take a seat, and we talked, and shared a lesson with her. just a month ago her brother passed away, so we talked about the plan of salvation, and how even though he passed on, its not the end, and that she will have the chance to be with him again. it was a super good lesson. she told us that she felt a peace and calmness in the lesson, which we explained was the holy ghost. she isso aesome! we also commited her to pray about the things we taught, and she said she would. and when we came back she told us that she did pray and again felt this calmness and peace and tranquility. she said she will come to church with us this coming sunday, as she wasnt able to this past sunday.

she is so prepared its amazing to see how the Lord puts these poeple in our path. but also ive learned we have to act and do our part. because for example if we never would have gone up to contact that house, we never would have found her, atleast not for who knows how long. well thats my words of wisdom for this week, act and the Lord will bless you. Be Active! jaja well i love you all and hope all is well!

oh, also attached is a picture i took on one of our morning runs to the beach. classic ecuador wit all the fishing boats and the fishermen up early working. well love you all!
Elder Taylor

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