Monday, January 12, 2015

#25 Fish head...

alright, so first off with the interesting foods of Ecuador that ive gotten to try this week: caviar for my first time, which is really good. Fish head (which includes the eyes. yumm). and turkey foot (okay that ones not my favorite). but i love ecuador. the people are so nice and the food is good and there is always something new!

So first off, we have an investigator named Blanca, who is awesome! we started teaching her the first week i got here, and extended her a fecha which she accepted, so she is going to get babtized this 31st of january! she is so prepared. her sister is also a member, which is aesome. So Blanca has known about the church for a long time, but never was interesed and never thought she would ever have anything to do with it. but then some things went down in her family and in life, and now she is soo accepting of the gospel and loves to learn and knows that its true. its amazing how the Lord prepares his children for the right time when they will accept the gospel in their lives. its just another testimony of how the Lord knows each and every one of us and what are exact needs are and when we need them and everything! it really is amazing.

well thats all i have time for. love you all!

Elder Taylor

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