Friday, February 6, 2015

#28 Baptism

 this week we had the babtism of Blanca, which went really awesome! it was so cool too that her nephew got to be the one to babtize her! and then yesterday she was confirmed as a member of the church! she is great!
 also, Viviana is seriously such a golden investigator! we taugt her monday, and she accepted a date to be babtized the 21 of Feb! she is seriously so prepared its amazing! and she is so fun to teach and work with
  we have some awesome new investigators that we found this week that we are going to be working with this next week. also cant believe that this is the last week of transfers already! i feel like i just got here to the peninsula and yet ive been here over a month! crazy! 
 well things are going really well here! miracles happen everyday, you just have to have the eyes to see them! 
 also, for a quick story, this week we had a rat in the house!! i walk in to our study room, flick on the lights, and see this thing scurry into the corner behind our bookcase. i wish i could say i bravely went and took care of the problem... but to be honest (and as a missionary i got to be honest) i yelled for back up and then stood behind the other missionaries as they took care of it. but hey, i feel like i still played a vital part in taking care of the rat problem..
 well i love you all and hope everything is going well! take care!

√Člder Taylor

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