Monday, November 10, 2014

#18 Soccer Tournament "I played well"

First, I'll talk about last p day because I forgot last time. Monday morning we had a huge soccer tournament with a bunch of members. It was so fun!! We made a missionary team, and played against the other people. We did work. Us missionarys won 5 in a row. Dont mess. And then at the end when we were all leaving one of the other players came up to me and told me I played well. This is coming from a full blooded latino to a ''gringo'. So ya I guess I felt kind of cool.. haha

This week I went on another interchangem this time in Fortin. Fortin is also a huge sector. and its kind of cool becasue its right next to Monte Sinai, so it has both city but then also pueblo. So it's fun to work in both all in the same sector. We had a pretty solid day and only got lost once!  But this time it was during the day, which made it a little easier.

Sunday we were able to bring Silvia and Xavier to church! They really enjoyed it, and even their 4 year old son said he loved it and wants to go back. So the trick is make the kids want to come, and the parents will follow, right? But it was so awesome having them at church this week.  Then later on sunday, I got a call from the ofice, and the told us they had a refferal for us, that we needed to go contact immediately. so we left in search of this house, and found it luckily where members where waiting for us and we taught their brother. It was a super good lesson! Those lessons are always fun where you really have no idea who you are teaching until the moment you walk in the door. but the lesson went really well and hes really interested and wants to keep learning more which is awesome!

Well this week has been super good and has gone by super fast! I cant believe this is the last week of this transfer! crazy! Time flies. Well I love you all and thankyou for all your emails and support!

Elder Taylor

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