Monday, November 17, 2014

#19 Will I Stay Or Will I Go?

so, this week was transfers. so i was really curious to see if i would be staying here in Alegria and finish training Elder Ureta, or if i would be leaving, or what. so the way it works is sunday night the Zone Leaders get a call from the AP's who gets transfered, and then the ZL's tell us. so last night, the phone rings. and me and elder Ureta both look at it. this is the moment. But it was just a txt, saying that only one missionary got transfered, and it was neitehr of us. so we are safe! atleast for another 6 weeks.

this week was solid. we have been teaching Raquel and Alison everyday. they are so awesome, and so fun to teach, i look forward to their lesson everyday. they are both progressing well, and even reading the Book of Mormon, and agreeing with all of the commitments and its great! so this week we had them commited to coming to church, and had a plan and everything laid out and ready... and then sunday morning we get a txt from Raquel saying she isnt at home and wont be able to attend. i wanted to cry. i was so sad. but we ended up passing by later that day and talked with her. apperently she was at the hospital watching someone, and didnt get back till 12:00 in the afternoon then went straight to sleep. i was still sad she couldnt attend, but im glad it was a legit reason, but we will really have to work to get her and alison to church this sunday!

Hna Silvia was able to attend again though! her and her son. her husband couldnt because he had to work, but i was so glad that she still came with her son. we are working a lot with them too, and working towards getting them married, which sometimes can be quite the hassle here in Ecuador. but we're working on it, and they do want to get married, which is halfe the battle!

Sunday also we had a Stake Counsel meeting thing with the Area 70 about ward council. it was way good and i learned a ton. one of the things i really liked that they talked about is how the church is run on counsels. there are ward counsils and stake counsils and all sorts of counsils. and how we really cant do this alone, that we have to really on the support of others, and most of all the support of the Lord. and when we counsel we can recieve revelation and know what we need to do! well thats all i got for this week. i hope all is well and you guys in northern utah arent freezing too much! but enjoy the snow!

Elder Taylor

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