Tuesday, August 5, 2014


AUGUST 5, 2014

First off, sorry for the late email. they were cleaning the carpets of the building alll day yesterday so we couldnt email. i dont have as much time, so ill have to keep this short and sweet.

   One thing ive noticed about this area, is how like all the streets are named after people in this town. Like the Marshall's live on Marshall Street. and theres a Frehner St and we live with the Frehners. and so forth. i just find it kind of funny. Also, i ate elk meet for the first time! it was way good. some of the other missionaries got some froma member, and neither of us had dinner appointments, so we got together and fried them up. it was a solid meal. especially considering elders made it!

   Part of our area includes a reservation. its pretty cool. but kind of sketch. you get on the Res and its so quite. there are NO children outside playing and laughing. well theres no one outside in general. all the houses are very small and many of them look run down. many buildings are tagged with spray paint. so while we were there the other day, i asked why dont we try tracting here, since there arent as many members!? but apperently thats like really dangerous to go start knocking on random doors.. so we havent done that yet.

   One thing that has surprised me is how many blessings you give as a missionary. ive been out about 5 weeks, and ive already taken part in 5 different blessings, both in spanish and english. its crazy. its cool though!

   Another thing ive been doing for a while is keeping a seperate study journal. i always have it with me, and keep it open whenever im studying to write down thoughts and impressions i have. And now, looking back through my notes, i still learn so much! its amazing! ive learned so much more by actively studying. i would implore all of you to also get a study journal, and anytime you are reading the scriptures, or at a church meeting, to take it, and write down a few insights or things you just think are cool. it will become an invaluable benefit to you if you do this. as it has to me.

   One thing i was reading was in Moroni 8. he says (paraphrasing) that he can speak boldly, because God has commanded it. I know that God has commanded missionary work, and therefore we should preach and spread the Gospel boldly! that is one thing im continually trying to do and improve on. and i know everyone has that same authority to share the gospel boldly! as moroni said "speak with boldness"!!

   I love you all and hope everything is going well. Dont ever be afraid to open your mouths. be bold! for the Lord has commanded it.
Love always,
Elder Taylor

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