Monday, August 11, 2014


AUGUST 11, 2014

 Friday, me and Preciado had to go to Vegas for a Train the Trainers Meeting. after the hour drive, we finally get there. alive (so preciado is kind of an awful driver. so being alive after him driving to vegas is almost a miracle in itself!) But we got there and had a meeting and talked about how to improve companionship and by improving that improving our teaching. it was solid. then after we went to eat with two other spanish elders and some sisters. it was cool hanging out with some other spanish elders.

   So i learned how to "skinnafy" a tie. ya i dont know if thats how youd spell that. but seems legit to me. but anyways, thats where you take a super fat tie, and undo it, cut it, then re sow it so now its a skinny tie. hence the name. but its pretty cool. ive gotten some ties for free some of the other elders that are super big and honestly quite ugly. so then i skinnafy it, and now they are actually pretty cool looking! so thats how us missionaries save money on ties.

  The highlight of this week was definitely Wednesday. We stopped by Domingo Avila's again and he was finally there!! But thats not even the best part... he had been sober for 3 days now!! and i know 3 days doesnt sound like a lot... but when youre dealing with drugs and alcohol and some stuff, three days was awesome!!! and he just looked so much better!! like his face seemed brighter and he looked happier and healthier and just better! and he knew it. and he was so happy to see us again! and he told us how thankfull he was we finally got a hold of him, and helped him get that desire and strength to change again! it was amazing. i love Domingo. i just wanted to go up and hug him so bad! but i didnt.. but we are going to be seeing him again next Wednesday. and he told us he is going to start attending the 12 Step Program, which is an addiction recovery program from the church. and he was even like excited to go to that! and he said he wants to start attending church again. and all this stuff. it was just so awesome. please if you can pray for him to continue to have the strength to remain sober and to do those things he needs to do to increase his faith and thereby increase his aptitude to resist the drugs and alcohol!

   Yesterday, we heard Hank Smith give a talk. he is awesome.he is kind of like a john bytheway. super funny and entertaining and uplifting. like the best combo! One analogy he gave was about "water off a ducks back", in relation to families and relationships. so basically dont take offense, just let the insults or whatever (water) roll off you, like how water rolls off a ducks back. so that is good to remember in any relationships we have.

  Well i love you all! hope this finds you well.

Elder Taylor

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