Monday, June 15, 2015

June 15, 2015 Cambios

 alright, so this has been quite the interesting week. first off, this wednesday, we went to guayaquil, for a conference with president and then to go to the temple. it was awesome. president is so inspired and always teaches us the best things and we always leave the conferences so excited and animated to work! and even better when right after we go to the temple! so wednesday night after the conference we went to the temple which was amazing. i learned some much new stuff. its incredible. and then we took some pictures and slept there at the temple. so another great thing is the temple hausing has air conditioning and heated water!!! so i actually slept well and didnt die of heat!! so theçat was a blessing on its own. and then taking a warm shower in the morning instead of a cold one, ooph was so nice. and so while i was there after the shower i was thinking ´´wow, the temple is the closest place here i got to home´´(or the commodoties) and then as i was pondering that thought, i thought again, ´´isnt that how it should be really? shouldnt the temple be the place where we feel comfortable and that we are the closest to home?´´ and its true. in the temple we are closer to our Hevenly Father, and closer to our heavenly home. i encourage you to all make the temple youre ´´closest thing to home´´.
  also had a cool experience, so because of having to go to guayaquil and all that, me and my comp were broke. but i mean broke!! like i had 2 cents to my name.. so that means we were stuck to walking everywhere and no busses or taxis. which is tough. but so end of the day saturday we just got done with a lesson and its late and time to go home, but we are super super duper far from the house. without money. but so we start walking. and at this piont theres no way we get home in time. so as we´re walking i say a private prayer, asking that some miracle happens, that we find a dolar in the street or something so we can make it home on time. and then just as i finish my prayer, a member that lives behind us drives up and says hop in to his truck! so we gldly jump in, and he takes us home, and we arrive exactly one minute before we have to be home. really a miracle. so i know that God loves us and that he hears and answers our prayers, even if its simple as getting home on time.
  also for the last news, today is transfers and i have been transfered! its bitter sweet. sad to be leaving these people who i have really grown to love; but exited for the new adventure that awaits. so now im in a zone called porto viejo, which is in the province of manabi, which is about 3 or 4 hours from guayaquil. and also, im now the new zone leader here! so that is pretty exciting and stressfull.

  well i love you all so much and hope you all have a great week!!
Elder Taylor

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