Monday, June 1, 2015

#39 The Curtain

   well this week has been good. first off, id like to share a thought i had. i call it me ´Curtain Analogy´. so, where i study, i sit right infront of an open window but with the curtain down to block the sun. my back to the window. as im sitting there in the chair, my back blocks the curtain from raising up when the breeze blows. but, as i kneel down to pray, my back no longer hinders the curtain, so when the breeze comes the curtain freely moves up, and sunlight floods the room. i feel like life is the same way. sometimes we are sitting(not acting) and blocking that the light enters the room. but as we kneel down(action) to pray, and get out of the way, the Lord can work freely(like the breeze) and move the curtain so that we are flooded with light. so moral of the story, get on your knees and pray. well i hope that made sense to you guys.
   also, for a cool sttory, yesterday night i was walking down the street with a member when we see these cop lights and here vroooomm and we see these two guys on a motorcycle come flying down the street and the cop car behind chasing them! it was like fast and furious in real life! it was pretty awesome.
   also, this week we went to guayaquil, because we had a conference with Elder Uceda, a 70 from our area. hes awesome!! so powerful. it was great at first we all got to go up and shake his hand and say our name and where we are from. and then we took a picture with our zone and him. and then we had the meeting. and it was great. he taught us something really cool and useful stuff! it was way interesting hereing him and his wife and president and sister dennis. they areall awesome!
   also yesterday we were able to have 7 investigators come to church! though  2 of them left early after 1 hour. but we passed by them and they are really good and enjoyed it and said they are going to come back. and this morning we stopped by and hada super good lesson about the plan of salvation of we put a babtismal date with them! heir names are danny and angelica. they also have 3 kids, 2 of which can be babtized! but they are super awesome and accepted the date to be babtized! so for now they are scheduled to be babtized on the 27 of june! so be praying that they can keep coming to church as a family and be ready for that date! besides that we have some other investigators that have attended and will be working with.
   well hope you have a great week! 

Elder Taylor

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