Monday, February 23, 2015

#30 Un loco en calle

well, first off sorry that i didnt get to send a email last week, we had Carnaval here, which apperently is crazy, and so we were locked in the house for 3 days. but hey, at least we got to do a lot of studying...
but for this week, saturday Viviana got babtized, and yesterday comfirmed as a member!! my comp got to babtise her, which was his first babtism on the mish, so that was way awesome!! and then i actually was the one to confirm her as a member, which was my first comfirmation, which also was awesome! she is so awesome and is going to be such a great member! she already wants to have a calling and help out in any way that she can! and her and her husband have the goal set to go to the temple and be sealed! how awesome is that!! and even more, her little brother, Esteban, has been listening to our lessons too, and told us that in our lessons he felt something he has never felt before, like a peace or something. and it felt good. and now he is going to be babtized too, on the 14 of march!! its amazing how the Lord works to bring ALL of his children to the truth and the happiness found in it.
yesterday we were able to bring 8 investigators to church! though only 6 stayed for all three hours. but it was still awesome to have all of them there and after have them tell us how they were able to feel the spirit. one of our new investigators, Milton, attended and said he almost started crying during the hymns, from the spirit! also he came to church wearing ear rings, and after the 2nd hour said he just felt bad having ear rings and right there took them off!! so cool.

also, the other day as me and my comp were waiting for the bus, there was this man that came out of no where, waiving his hands around in the air yelling like the world was ending. then he started chasing down this bus waving his fists at it. when he realized he couldnt catch it, turned around and started going off at some cars, still standing in the middle of the street. it was so crazy, me and my comp couldnt help but start laughing.

as for my comp, his name is Elder Villaseñor. he´s from Mexico, and we are getting along great! im so glad for the opportunity to train again and that my new comp is so willing to work. its great!

well i love you all and hope you are all doing great and enjoying life, because there is so much to be happy for!!

Élder Taylor

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