Monday, October 19, 2015

October 19, 2015 New Comp from Idaho

well this week went well. i got my new companion! his name is elder Luke. he is from idaho! so he is my very first gringo comp in my entire mission. so thats interesting. its a lot different being with a gringo. but its cool too. its crazyt ho becuawe he ends his mision in 6 weeks! so well just be together this one transfer and then hes gone! crazy. well this week wa the babtism of Patzy and Aisha!! they are so awesome!! they both were babtized and comfirmed members this week and it was such a special service. it has been amazing to see their progress and see how the Lord had prepared them truly for this moment to learn and accept the gospel. the Lords time is perfect. i feel like thats an important lesson to remember for the whoole life! well im like out of time now, but i hope you all are doing great and i love you all so much!!
Elder Taylor

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