Monday, August 3, 2015

August 4, 2015

well, this week has gone super good! first off, saturday we had the bautism and sunday the comfirmation of Jordan Silva!!! he is so awesome!! before this week he left with us to do visits; before he was even a member!! he´s super excited also to go on a mision!! and it was so great that his cousin got to babtism him, which was his cousins first babtism! super happy. and he invited a family that came to his babtism and also to church sunday, so he´s already helping a ton in the mission work, and just barely is a member!! he´s so aesome. really a great friend. hes part of the whole family that got babtized the week before. so in total 5 people from that famioly got babtized. suepr great. i dont even have the words. 

and yesterday, we were in guayaquil all day, for the leadership council. that was super good too!! its always an enriching experience when we get to listen to presidnt and the ap´s and meet up with all the other zone leaders. i always learn so much. and this time was no exepcion. i have a ton of new stuff i got to do and put in practice, but im excited for it!!

well i love you all so much. hope you all have a great week!!
Elder Taylor

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