Monday, September 28, 2015

September 28, 2015

well this week went well. we spent a few days in guayaquil. we got to go to the temple and then also had a meeting about family history. it was really good! family history is definetly something really important that can help a lit of people! and of course getting to go to the temple is always the best. i always learn so much new everytime a get to go to the temple! and alright so one frase i wanted to share with you guys that said president, that he was refering to the mission but i feel like its aplicable to all situacions is this ¨dont count the days, make the days count!¨ so i really liked thatand thought it was powerful and makes you reflect. so make everyday count!
also this week Gabriel was babtized! hes such a good kid. got babtized on his birthday! so he was pretty excited about that. also we got a new investigator and she already has a bautsiaml date for the 24 of octuber! she was a reference from a member. i know that really refernces are the best wayto advance this work! so if you have friends that are interested, present them to the misionaries!! well i lov you all so much! hope you all have a great week!
Elder Taylor

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