Monday, July 6, 2015

July 6, 2015 1 ano

wow. time flies when youre having fun. and when youre serving the Lord. this week i completed 1 year in the service of the Lord. its crazy.

well this week went super well! this week we had a mini conference  with president dennis and his WHOLE family! so that was cool. hes son that just got back from the mission was there along with his other children and  grandchildren. then all spoke to us and it was super good. and it was fun hearing  things in spanish and english and understanding them both perfectly. its  a  cool feeling. jaja but it was also super stressfull because the conference was in our chapel so me and my comp were in charge of having averything ready and set up  and helping president with anything he needed during the conference. at the very begining he had forgoten an hdmi cord so we had to go on a real quick hunt to find one; which luckily there was one on the church safe. we also went and helped some of the missioanruies in the zone with some of there lessons, and it was super fun and spiritual to be able to help them.

well, i just want to see, that in this year  i have grown more in so many ways then i ever thout i could. i know the Lord knows ME, whio i am and what i need to progress. i k now every experience, good or bad ive had has been for my benefit. I love the Lord, and i am eternally grateful to him. i kow the gospel blesses EVERYONE, you just have to let it bless you. i k now im not perfect, but inspite of all my errors the Lord loves me and wants me to  move forward.  I love you all. i love this gospel. i know this church is true. i hope you all have a great week!

Elder Taylor

heres a picture i took to try  and epitomize the 1 year of walking working sweating laughing and have the time of my life

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