Monday, May 18, 2015

#37 La Chocalatera

So, last monday we went to the chocalatera... which to my surprise and dismay actually doesnt sell chocolate! how disleading. haha but no the chocolatera is the piont most west of all of ecuador, and like most of South America i think. its pretty cool. we didnt have a lot of time though so we couldnt see all of it, so we are going to ave to go back. but it was still fun.

  Also, this week we were with the familia Sosa, the family that we babtised the grandpa Silvio last week, and well first  off they are just so aesome. i love that familia so much! theyre the bomb. but so we were with them and the dad Henry said that his neigboor there were some less active members and also some investigators that had heard the misionaries before but nothinghappened. but we were like well could you come with us and introduce us to them. and he was like of course! so we went over and they let us in and we taught them and it was a super good lesson, and they all commited to coming to church! and this sunday, Magdalena the mom, Damaris, Marisol, Sussana, and Ismael all came to church!! Sussana and ismael are less acvtives, but the rest are investigators. and they are aesome! they all said they really like church, and tomorrow we have a family home evening with them and the Sosa´s, which is going to be awesome. we´re going to make Tacos! jaja but they are awesome and we are super excited to be working with them!

  we´ve also been able to get a few other referals this week which is awesome, because we have had a super hard time getting any refereals. but when you ut your mind and might to it and trust in the Lord anything is possible! and i know that refereals is one of the best way to get new investigators that will progress! well besides that everything is going well here in Libertad. hope you all are doing great!

√Člder Taylor

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