Monday, May 4, 2015

#35 Vaccinations

  well first off, sorry for not writing anything last week. i had to go to guayaquil monday for a leadership council and spent the whole day there, and didnt have anytime during the week. and now i dont even know where to start.
  well this past week all the missionaries here had to go to the ospital and get vacinations. so that was NOT fun. i dont like needles. or shots. and especialy when they are a suprise. but it turned out all good and i didnt die or faint. 
  also cool story, on my way back from guayaquil, which is a 2 hour trip n bus, i sat next to this guy, named elias, and we started talking. and well basically he told me his whole life story. but its a very interesting story so i didnt mind. but to make a long story short, there is this frute called pitajiya, that supposedly is super healthy and good for the body and the use it on asia. and this lady from ecuador went to asia and found this plant and liked it and smuggled it into ecuador. and started growing it. and then this guy elias saw the plant and liked it even more and baught it from the lady and started growing it and now has plantations and is the main guy in all of ecuador for this frute and is doing contracts to export it all over the world. so it was really interesting hearing all about that. and i also got to teach him a shortened version on the restoration, so hopefully one day that will cause him to have more interest in the church. 
   also, one of our investigators, named Silvio, who was going to get babtized on the 23rd of this month, the other day told us that it would be better to do it sooner, and so now he is getting babtized this saturday!! he already had all the lessons,so it wasnt a problem, and he had his interview yesterday and is all set for saturday! love that guy.
   also Gina had her babtismal interview yesterday also, and so she is all good for her babtism this saturday! so this week we will be having 2 babtisms! so we are super excied about that! 
   we also have been working still with dayanara and her mom, and her mom said she prayed and now knows that joseph smith was a prophet!! she is super awesome. and so we put a babtism date for them both for the 30th of may. the mom still has some challenges, but we are working them out and are really working towards here babtism for the 30th! we have also found some really good new investigators taht we are excite to be working with.
   well, i think that all for this week. i hope you are all doing super well and have a great week!!!


√Člder Taylor

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