Monday, April 6, 2015

#33 He Lives!

 well this week has been awesome! first off, i met a guy who speaks greek. he lived in greece for like 4 years. also he has been all araound the world. this guy is awesome. well so you know he is a grandpa now, but he is super cool, and has been teaching me some greek in exchange for teaching him some english! so ya, basicaly im fluent in Greek now.. jana

  also, we have an investigator, her name is Dayanara. we have been teaching her for about two weeks now, and this past week, we put a babtism date with her! she had been reading all the scriptures we had been leaving her, and said she had prayed and felt good, and believes that this things are true. so me and my companion talked and decided that ya we should invite her to babtism, and she accepted! so her babtism date is scheduled for the  25th of april. also, we were able to bring her to confrence this week, and she assisted the last session on sunday! so we are super excited to keep working with her

  also, it was so great, because this week we had really been working hard to get people to conference. the past week, we didnt have anyone in church, so we were a little worried about the same thing happening again. but we worked and prayed and worked and prayed some more, and every single one of the people who we had planned to come to conference showed up! it was such a miracle! i know that God really does answer our prayers, though its also necisary that we put in our part! but Maria attended with her son Josue, and also monica and Gina. this was the first time we were able to get Gina to come, and she said she really enjoyed it and felt good. we are super excited to keep working with her, because she is so awesome, and has a real desire to know the truth.

  also, another cool thing, is that we were talking to one of the members yesterday, and she told us that one of our recent converts was struggling, and had decided to not go to conference. but then that me and my companion had decided to call her to see how she was and if she was coming. the member told us that the recent convert almost didnt pivk up, but she answered and because we called right in the moment she decided to go to conference. and that it was a great experience and that it helped her a ton! its seriously the best feeling to know that i helped someone whom ive grown to love in her time of need, even with something so small as a little phone call. Well i know this is the Lords work, and that our Savior Jesus Christ lives and helps each and every one of us if we call his name with faith. he is always willing to help us. so let him in. i love you all and hope you all enjoyed conference and could learn something new. i hope you all have a fantastic week!

Èlder Taylor

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