Monday, December 15, 2014

#23 Una Semana Loca

well, this week was definetly crazy! so with us being so close to Christmas, we had all sorts of meetings this week. we had a whole mission conference which was way awesome!! i got to see so many of my friends that had been transfered and it was just so cool to see everyone again! and then of course its always a pleasure and a blessing to hear President Dennis and his wife talk to us! i love them. so that was wednesday. but first let me backtrack to tuesday night: so tuesday night, we start getting calls, that there are trasnfers the next day! so 3 people in our zone got transfered! one of them my district leader. so now im like hmm i wonder who will be my new district leader? and then i get a call from the Zone leaders. and they are like we have news. so i think im also getting transfered. but no, apperently i got chosen to be the new district leader. so that was quite the shock!! to say the least.

and then thursday morning we had a capacitacion for the 12 weeks of Elder Ureta. and that went well. and then friday mornig we went to the temple, which was awesome! i think saturday was normal. and then sunday night we had another meeting with one of the district 70s. so that was way awesome. and then monday (today) we had another meeting in the morning with President again!! so many meetings!! but they were all way awesome and uplifting! and then after we had a soccer tournament our zone vs another zone. that was way fun! we did work. well sorry this email was a little speratic and un detailed but thats all i have time for. love you all!

Elder Taylor

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