Tuesday, July 8, 2014


JULY 8, 2014

Ya totally kidding. i just thought that would be a cliche way to start my first email as a missionary, in the MTC. But dont worry that didnt happen. no la e buscado.

  Anyways, wow this week has been crazy. what they tell you about how crazy the first few days in the mtc are is totally true. so much going on that you just kind of walk around in a daze following the crowd and staying by your companion. I'm on the west campus, which is smaller then the Main Campus, and only spanish speaking missions. so thats cool. Though it is always fun when we get to go to Main Campus and see all the other languages there. like today, i went there and talked to some Sisters going to France we just exchanged some pleasantries in french. im pretty sure they think im fluent. im kind of a big deal. haha no but it was cool. i also met some elders that just got here from England; they had such cool accents! one was from Leeds and the other around Manchester. We talked a little about futbol and which clubs we supported.

  Wednesday after i got dropped off i had my first class and met my companion and my district. they dont mess around here. My companion is Elder Luque. His family is from mexico, but he was born in california and then moved to utah when he was 8. there are eight elders in my district, counting me. all of them are 100% fluent in spanish. and i think all of them had spanish as their first language too. luckily we all speak english also, which is nice. its cool though talking to them in spanish and learning new words and how to say things. there is still so much i need to learn. the gift of tongues is definitely true, because there has been times i have understood people talking super fast when i know i usually dont. i cant wait till im fluent.

  Thursday was mainly just filled with classes. Friday was the Fourth of July, and so they gave us a special broadcast that night, where we listened to a speaker then watched the movie 17 Miracles. after, we got to go outside and watch the fireworks from the Stadium of Fire! that was super cool to be able to still celebrate the fourth.

  On sunday, we had a broadcast in the evening where we all went to the Main Campus. it was super cool, but the best part was that i saw Elder David Russell! one of my best friends from florida!! he's been here 3 weeks already, and i was hoping i would run into him! it was so good to see him. and really helped me. crazy how the Lord knows what we need and exactly when we need it.

  Monday was a great day. i just felt happy all day. we gave 3 mock lessons all in spanish to 3 different investigators. the best part is the happiness you feel after you get done teaching the lesson. again, just another testament to me from Heavenly Father about how important and good this work is. i cant wait to find out the feeling i will get after i teach a real investigator! i bet im going to be scared out of my mind, but its going to be the best! im so excited to get to Ecuador! Also, i gave my first blessing today. a blessing of comfort to Elder Luque. It was a great experience! the spirit i felt was amazing! i was so nervous for it, but it went well. im glad i had the opportunity to give it.

  Probably my favorite part of everyday thoughj is gym time. we've played soccer once and volleyball a couple times. volleyball is fun... but it can get frustrating when some of the other players arent that good.. i keep telling myself its just for fun, and to have Christ Like love. but sometimes its difficult. its definetly not the same as those beach volleyball games we used to play..

  Well, sorry if this email was a little sporadic. I love and miss you all.

Elder Taylor

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